25 reasons why SmarterQueue is the Best Social Media Management Tool

25 reasons why SmarterQueue is the Best Social Media Management Tool

At one point or another over the past 10-12 years that I have been managing social media for clients, I have probably tried every social media management tool available. If you manage social media for multiple clients, you probably have, too.

Some of these tools are good. Some are better than good. But, it seems like there is always at least one feature that is lacking or missing altogether. No matter how good the social media management tool we are using is, we know it is not the best. So, we keep looking.

And, looking.

And, looking.


Until now.

Yes, it is true; my search is finally over because I have finally found the best social media management tool, hands-down! Drumroll, please!


SmarterQueue: The Best Social Media Management Tool

The Best Social Media Management Tool is SmarterQueue [affiliate link]. SmarterQueue launched in October of 2018 with a basic set of features but has quickly grown to a full-featured social media management tool. In a nutshell, if you want to work smarter, not harder, then SmarterQueue is the tool for you.

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Here are 25 reasons why I gave up my subscriptions to all the social media management tools in favor of SmarterQueue:

25) SmarterQueue’s Monitoring & Social Listening features allow you to search for relevant conversations about your brand and industry keywords.

24) You can join conversations, share, retweet, like, and comment with SmarterQueue’s Engage features.

23) The Social Inbox allows you to read and respond to all of your Facebook pages’ messages and Twitter DMs in one place. You can filter by social profile and even send canned responses with just one click.

22) Using the Reports feature, you can perform hashtag analysis, gain deep insight into your content performance, and create comprehensive, powerful reports for your clients.

21) Evergreen Recycling w/ Variations! When scheduling posts, you can add multiple text and/or media options so that a new caption and/or image will be posted with each cycle. This feature gives you the ability to keep your social feeds fresh and enticing, as well as an opportunity to A/B test different copy and visuals to see which gets you the most engagement. This also allows you to fill up your Queue quickly and to recycle your posts without breaking duplication rules.

20) The ability to Categorize Your Content. Categorizing your posts helps you stay organized and allows you to keep your content is balanced. It also allows for clear, insightful reporting.

19) The ability to schedule campaigns with Seasonal Categories, which allows you to set start and end dates for the entire category. Any content you add to your Queue in this Seasonal Category will only be posted between the dates you set. Even better, you can hide Seasonal Categories from your Queue when they are not active so they don’t distract you.

18) You can Analyze Your Profiles AND you can Analyze Your Competitors’ Profiles! This can help you find the “best” times to post so that you can maximize engagement as well as help you learn from your competitors and what they are doing differently.

17) Discover content from multiple sources (social feeds, blogs, etc.) with Content Curation and sort by engagement. You can bulk-import up to 200 posts from CSV, bookmark your “go-to” sources and search within them to find specific content to share, auto-import from RSS feeds, import your top-performing published posts to share again, and even Re-gram from your Instagram profiles!

16) You can Tailor Your Posts so that they are perfectly customized for each social profile.

15) Store your brand assets for future use in the searchable Media Library.

14) Easily enhance your posts with royalty-free images and GIFs from Giphy, Unsplash, and Pixabay with the Image Search feature.

13) Use Snippets to add frequently-used hashtags, captions, @mentions, and emojis to posts with just one click!

12) It has Link Tracking so you can add Google Analytics UTMs to your links and shorten them with Bitly.

11) The Support at SmarterQueue is fabulous! They have over 300 very detailed knowledge base articles and videos, live chat, email support 363 days a year, and they are regularly awarded 100% customer satisfaction!

10) The SmarterQueue Chrome Extension allows you to quickly and easily schedule posts as you browse the web.

9) The Recurring Posts feature is terrific for national days, holidays, posts, and recurring events that need to be published weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. With this feature, your recurring posts will be published in perpetuity; or, you can set them to expire after x number of times posted or after a certain date.

8) SmarterQueue adheres to Twitter’s duplicate tweet rules. Because Twitter doesn’t allow duplicate or substantially similar posts, SmarterQueue will publish your original post once and subsequent dates/times that the post is scheduled, it will retweet the post instead of creating a new tweet. This will keep your Twitter profile in Twitter’s good graces.

7) The ✨ Emoji Keyboard ✨ allows you to easily add emojis to your posts.

6) SmarterQueue has an Affiliate Program where you can earn 10-20% commission for life for referring people to a paid plan. You can offer your family, friend, followers, and subscribers an extended free trial (30 days instead of the standard 14 days) and then you can earn commissions on their subscription. The exact value depends on how many active subscribers you bring in and as new referrals sign up or cancel, your Tier is automatically updated.

5) SmarterQueue has a Social Giving program! You can help raise money for charity by writing a review, posting a blog post, taking a survey, or sharing your referral link! Plus, if anyone signs up via your referral link, you still earn credit. This is definitely a win/win/win!

4) It has a Visual Instagram Planner to help you preview, plan, and rearrange your Instagram grid. If you or your client are aesthetically minded, this feature is perfect as it will allow you to easily drag and drop your posts into your desired order. This is perfect for creating an awesome ‘Instagram Puzzle Effect‘, an alternating Instagram feed, or an ‘Intagram Grid Takeover’ to launch a new campaign, make a big announcement, or separate old content from new.

3) It supports Instagram Direct Publishing (NEW!).

2) It supports the First Comment (NEW!) for Facebook Pages and Instagram Business Profiles.

1) It has the ability to pause individual social profiles or categories and the ability to Pause All Publishing with just ONE CLICK! And, of course, with just one more click, you can UnPause. My biggest pet peeve with Agorapulse, which I was using until I found SmarterQueue, is that you had to manually pause each category. SmarterQueue does it the right way!

That’s a lot of reasons to choose SmarterQueue, but it’s not even all of the reasons! Here are some more:

SmarterQueue vs. Hootsuite

SmarterQueue has all of the features that you love about Hootsuite … plus some!

  • Frustrated that you can’t customize your post text for each social network with Hootsuite? You can with SmarterQueue!
  • Wish Hootsuite would allow you to sort your social feeds by likes, shares, and comments so you can quickly discover top content to repost? You can with SmarterQueue!
  • Hootsuite won’t let you accurately see what your post preview will look like for all of your networks, including Twitter cards? SmarterQueue does!
  • Would you like to automatically recycle your evergreen content so you can get up to 10x more reach … but you can’t with Hootsuite? No problem … try SmarterQueue!

SmarterQueue vs. MeetEdgar

SmarterQueue is smarter than Edgar … and a lot more affordable, too! You can even migrate your Edgar schedule and posts in just 10 minutes!

  • Do you wish that you could post multi-image Facebook and Twitter posts with Edgar? You can with SmarterQueue!
  • Would you like to schedule posts to Instagram … but you can’t with Edgar? You can with SmarterQueue!
  • What about Pinterest? Edgar won’t let you? SmarterQueue will!
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically expire evergreen content after a certain number of repetitions? Edgar says no, but SmarterQueue says yes!

The Bottom Line? You Need To Try SmarterQueue Today!

I highly recommend SmarterQueue to help manage your social media accounts. I use it for several of my clients and find that in addition to it being a huge time-saver for me, my clients are very happy with the results.

Sign up using my affiliate link to get an extended 30-day free trial (normally just 14 days) … no credit card required! Even better, if you have any questions about how to use SmarterQueue, feel free to send me a tweet and I will help you!