A Plethora of #Pinterest #Tools for Businesses

A Plethora of #Pinterest #Tools for Businesses

Pinterest continues to grow.

Update: In September 2015, Pinterest surpassed 100 million monthly active members and appears to continue to be growing across the board. The company told VentureBeat that the numbers of Pinners “have doubled” in the previous 18 months and that about 70 percent of people aren’t just visiting the site, but are also finding items of interest and taking action (save or click-through).

Brands can no longer afford to ignore Pinterest.

According to Monetate, shoppers visiting e-commerce sites from Pinterest had the highest average order value, spending $80.54 per order, compared to $71.26 for Facebook and $70.17 for Twitter. A study by RichRelevance reports an average order of $169 from Pinterest traffic, compared to $95 for Facebook and $71 for Twitter. Whichever study is more accurate, the one thing that appears to be clear is that Brands, especially e-commerce brands, can no longer afford to ignore Pinterest as part of their online marketing efforts.

Tools for Managing, Advertising, Marketing & Measuring:

No matter what your budget, there are tools available to help you manage, create, improve or simplify pinning and sharing content on Pinterest. I have compiled a list of the current tools available and intend to review this list periodically, keeping it up-to-date. I also created a list on Listly that includes many of these tools. I am not recommending one over another, I am merely providing links and a brief description of each so that businesses and marketers are aware of everything currently available before making a decision.

If you are aware of a tool that should be added to this list, or if you find that one is no longer available, please let me know in the comments below. Get more tips by following me on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/chrisdegraff/.


Formerly Pingage, Ahalogy recently announced a pin-based platform called Content Network. Content creators who have opted-in to the network are given complimentary access to Ahalogy’s image editing and pin scheduling tools in exchange for allowing paying Content Network customers to source the pins for repinning on their own boards in a pay for performance model.


A marketing and analytics suite for Pinterest and Instagram. Curalate’s scheduler feature enables brands to schedule pins and batch them into campaigns. Curalate also offers detailed analytics for marketers, monitoring and consumer engagement tools and promotions that can “live anywhere and everywhere” including your website, blogs and Facebook. A free demo is available to potential clients with a decent sized marketing budget.


Formerly known as Pinster, GoPixel offers powerful automated scheduling to help you spread out your pins evenly throughout the day. You can measure and monitor interactions and website referrals using their analytics tool that also integrates with Google Analytics. There is also an insights tool that provides recommendations for the best time and content to pin based on your data. The free version allows you to schedule 3 pins per day for 1 Pinterest account. Basic, premium and custom versions are also available.


Formerly known as Pinpuff, HelloSociety is a premier Pinterest marketing and technology platform with a suite of tools, an exclusive influencer network, leading brand partnerships and powerful analytics. Contact HelloSociety for a price quote.


For advertisers looking for a pay-per-click model, Pinbooster is a platform to connect advertisers to pinners who are willing to post your pin for profit. You only pay for the originating pin, so repins, likes and comments are “free press.” When a pin goes through Pinbooster, it is automatically tags to indicate that it is an advertisement so it is in compliance with FTC regulations. Contact Pinbooster for pricing.


There is a free starter version of PinLeague, but it seems to be pretty limited. Starting at $29/mo, the lite version allows for 1 Pinterest account, tracking for 2 competitors, basic profile and domain trends and tools to optimize your pins and engage your audience. The professional and enterprise versions enable you to track virtually everything and is used by brands such as Nike, Microsoft and Target.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

The idea behind ads on Pinterest is that they are non-intrusive, blending in with the rest of the content in the same way that native ads do on services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Pinterest Web Analytics

Businesses can access basic metrics including impressions and reach and is included free with your Pinterest account. You can use this to tailor your website and Pinterest boards by understanding which pins get the most repins and what else people pin alongside your pins.

Pinterest Widget Builder

The Pinterest Widget builder can help you create free buttons and widgets to add to your website or mobile app. Pinterest’s newest tool allows you to create “Rich Pins” and apply to get them on Pinterest. The types of Rich Pins currently available include:

  • Product pins include real time pricing, availability and information about where to buy;
  • Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info; and
  • Movie pins include ratings, cast members and reviews.


Piquora (formerly Pinfluencer) is a tool for advertisers and provides the ability to customize, deploy and track contests, sweepstakes and promotions on Pinterest. Future plans for Piqora include a Social CRM (currently available for Instagram and Tumblr) to help brands identify and act on purchase intent. Contact Piquora for pricing information.


Using Reachli (formerly Pinerly), you can create posts and publish to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts at the same time from one place. The free version allows you to connect four accounts, includes a link shortener and offers tracking including the number of clicks, likes, reshares and reach per social site. If you want to reach a wider audience, Reachli has a pay-per-click option and your campaign can be pushed out to publishers’ blogs, websites and social sites.


Social media management for various platforms; however, Pinterest is only included in the premier and enterprise versions. The premier version is $99.99/mo but only supports monitoring for Pinterest at this time.


The $12/mo basic account on Viraltag (formerly PinGraphy) allows you to schedule 100 pins per month and includes a free trial. The $28/mo premium version does not limit the number of pins that can be scheduled, provides access to analytics and gives you the ability to add up to 5 accounts. This is probably one of the best options for small businesses on a tight budget.

Free Search, Discovery & Other Cool Tools for Pinterest:

Hipstamaticpixlr and Tweegram

Free apps that can add some “fancy stuff” to your images.


Quickly edit, filter and apply touch-ups to your photos with PicMonkey.

Pin Search

A Chrome extension that enables you to perform a Google Image Search on any picture on Pinterest.


PinAlerts (beta) is like Google Alerts for Pinterest and will notify you when someone pins something from your website.


Search pins, boards and people on Pinterest to find, track and evaluate content and interactions using Pinalytics. (Note: This didn’t seem to work very well for me, but you may have to create an account to get the full results.)

Using the free version of Pinvolve, you can post your Pinterest pins onto your Facebook profile or business page. The pro version allows you to automatically post your Pinterest pins to your Facebook business page and you can sync a specific board or all boards.


Formerly Repinly, Postris is a tool to help you find popular pins, boards and pinners on Pinterest for a given category.


Type your own quote or highlight text anywhere on the web and easily convert it into an image to share on Pinterest.


Formerly Pin A Quote, ShareAsImage allows you to highlight text on the web to share as an image on Pinterest.


A free tool to capture and share a screenshot of a website.


This tool allows you to add an elegant Pinterest link to your email signature. It offers free and premium level accounts.


The free version of Woobox can be used to display your Pinterest boards and pins as a tab on your Facebook business page.

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