Influencer Marketing Tools N’ Techniques

In the first season of #TNTBootcamp, Christine DeGraff & Ronnie Bincer took a closer look at several Google Plus tools and interviewed guests to discuss Influencer Marketing Tools N’ Techniques.

Google Plus Tools Overview

This playlist includes a closer look at the following Google Plus tools:

Steady Demand:
Review of tools covered in Season 1:

Influencer Interviews

In the second half of the season, we interviewed several well-known influencers:

Using Hangouts on Air to Build Influence 

David AmerlandIn his most recent best-selling book, “Google+ Hangouts for Business“, David Amerland says, “Hangouts on Air are a unique opportunity. This is the most disruptive marketing opportunity we have had for a long time. At a stroke you can dispel doubts about who you are and what you do, reach people, form relationships, and create new potential customers, and you can do it both in real time and asynchronously, increasing your marketing footprint with time.”

Connecting with Influencers to Improve Search Results

Eric EngeAn interview with Eric Enge: “If you can build a strong audience of your own, or if major influencers in your market space +1 or share the content, this can get you a lot of exposure to your target market.” “Google+ & SEO: How Google+ Impacts Search Results



Using Google Authorship to Increase Visibility and Influence Search 

Mark TraphagenAn interview with Mark Traphagen: “Anyone who wants to make use of Google+ as part of an overall strategy of increasing visibility and influence in Google Search should be actively pursuing all of the following tactics: Build a strong network within Google+; Cultivate quality links from trusted websites; Use Google Authorship for your content across the Web.” “How Google Plus Profiles & Pages Gain Search Authority


The Importance of Building Your Community

Martin ShervingtonCommunity building has been at the foundation of success for Martin Shervington. He often uses circles to bring together small groups of people to opt into various campaigns and has published several case studies using data mined from NOD3x that show the importance of getting others from your community involved in order to ensure the success of your campaign. Martin recently announced a new initiative, “PYB Neighborhoods“, which will soon bring brand pages together in a new and unique way.

Building Influence by Helping Others

Jaana NyströmJaana Nyström is one of the world’s leading authorities on Google+ knowledge. She is a Google+ Top Contributor, a Google+ trusted user and beta tester. Helping others “get” Google+ is her passion. One of Jaana’s recent posts was titled “How I became the most followed Nobody in Finland“. In this post, she writes, “Consistently NOT posting solely about my own topic but sharing a wide variety of interests with my Circleverse.”


Building Influence by Teaching Others

Chef Dennis LittleyAn interview with: Chef Dennis Littley – Chef, Food Blogger, HOA Host – “I began blogging in 2009 as a resource for my culinary students, and soon found myself with followers around the world, at which time I began posting “real food recipes for real people” – In 2011 I was awarded “Most Valuable Foodie” by the food blogging community at Foodbuzz, for the work I have done in the community.”


Did you enjoy this series? Ronnie and I sure did! Thank you to each and every one of our influencers, our guests, and our audience for their participation. Watch Season 2: Online Marketing Tools N’ Techniques :: #TNTBootCamp