A Closer Look at Google My Business Insights for Pages

A Closer Look at Google My Business Insights for Pages

Update 08.12.2016: CoSchedule recently published a post “How To Use Social Media Analytics To Create The Best Content” and in it, they called Steady Demand’s recent article about Google Insights “what might be the most authoritative post on analyzing Google+ marketing that we’ve seen.” So, without further ado, I recommend that you read “Google Plus Analytics: How to Measure Your Results” on Steady Demand’s blog as the info below may not be the most up-to-date.

Update 08.16.2016: And, just like that, Google has removed Insights from their dashboard.

Brand pages on Google Plus just got better! Today Google announced that page owners now have access to some basic stats that can help them learn more about their audience and view trends in their follower count and the +1s, comments and reshares of their posts. New businesses getting started with Google and current users of Places for Business will have access to the new Google+ Dashboard.

Below are a closer look at the new Insights (analytics) for my client’s brand page, +Naturally Colored, after clicking the new “My Business” tab. Insights were previously only available for local pages.

New Dashboard for Google Plus Brand Pages

New wording under the Share section indicates that “Posts you share here will appear on Google+ and Google.com.” According to the information on the “Learn More” page, posts “will appear on the Google+ stream for your page and may also display across Google on Maps, Search, and more.” While this information is not new, the placement under the Share section will likely make more users more aware that Google Plus is Google.

Visibility Reports

The Visibility Reports shows your all-time total views (approximately how many times the page and its content were viewed), and a breakdown of your views over the past 7, 30 or 90 days. You can toggle the checkboxes to see stats for the total views, post views, profile views or photo views or show all.

Total Views, Post Views, Profile Views and Photo Views over a 30 Day Period

Local pages will also display the total clicks for driving directions or to your website from local search results if enough data is available as well as the area from which the driving direction requests were made.

Engagement Reports

The Engagement Reports shows the approximate number of total actions (comments, shares and +1’s) on your Google Plus posts as well as the number for each for a specified time period. Note that at the time of this posts the +1’s do not seem to be calculating.

Total Actions, Plusones, Comments and Shares over a 30 Day Period

Posts are broken down further and show the total number of actions and the number of views for your posts ordered by the most recent posts. Naturally Colored’s “Recent” posts do go all the way back to November of 2012 and appear to include all of their posts.

Total Actions and View Counts Per Post

Clicking a post will show Post Insights, including post views and total actions for the first 72 hours and can also be viewed by 7, 30 or 90 days. The checkboxes for the actions can be toggled or displayed together.

View the First 72 Hours with Post Insights

The average actions by post type is broken down as “text and others,” “link,” “photo” and video. By mousing over the bar next to each you can view the breakdown by plusones, comments and reshares.

A Breakdown of Average Actions by Post Type

Audience Reports

The Audience Reports shows the number of new followers over a 7, 30 or 90 day period as well as charts breaking down their demographic information.

New Followers for the Last 30 Days

For pages with more than 200 followers, a chart showing a breakdown of total followers by country as well as the approximate percentage of male and female followers for each country is available as well as a breakdown by gender and age. Mousing over the gender and age charts will show percentages for each.

Total Followers by Country and Gender

Total Followers by Gender and Age

Platform Reports

Updated: August 9, 2014. These reports are only available if you have an app with Google+ Sign-In. This report shows sign-in activity, interactive posts, activities sent and Android app installs. I do not have enough information or data on these reports to provide additional info.

For managing your pages on the go, there is also a Google My Business Android app and an iOS version will soon be available.

Click here for the official “Insight One Sheet” to learn more about Google+ Insights. To get your business on Google for free, visit Google My Business.

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