Welcome to my WordPress website/blog!!!

Haha!!! Once you understand my background, you will get the joke! 😀

Although I’ve been a web developer for over 20 years, I’ve never really spent much time building my own website. I’m actually not a web designer – I am a programmer/developer from the old school days of hand-coding (meaning before WordPress and WYSIWYG). I actually prefer to look at the code exclusively…in other words, I’m a super geek! I actually hate looking at PHP though (I foolishly put all my eggs in the ASP basket), so here I am… using a CMS instead of building one.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t consider myself a blogger either, so I’m not going to commit to a regular blogging schedule; however, I do hope that what I decide to publish will be worth reading! If you’re looking for fluffy feel-good type posts, then you’re in the wrong place – and if you do find crappy content on this site, please call me out on it!

Yup! I'm a Geek!

You are probably wondering: “So Miss Hand-Coder Snobby Web Developer ‘I’m Too Good For WordPress’ Geek Girl, why DO you have a WordPress site then?” – and that’s a great question! Let me tell you, I fought against WordPress for many years, but I also believe in choosing the right solution for the project – and in this case, WordPress is the right solution for this project. I chose a premium theme that met my basic requirements and I am customizing it to become a perfect fit. This website is not intended to be a showcase of my design or development abilities; it’s a medium to get my message across in a format that I find pleasing and (hopefully) highly shareable! 😀

BTW, if you are looking for the services page, you are out of luck (or in luck), because I am not looking for clients and I am not here trying to sell you anything either! I don’t even have an email list sign-up form because I am not planning to email you. 😀

So… if I am not a blogger and am not trying to sell anything – why have a website at all?

Well, I do believe in having a branded web presence – and occasionally I even feel like I have something worth saying – so here we are! I will mainly be blogging about social media strategy, tools, trends, platforms, best practices, and Internet marketing, etc. for the simple reason that these are things I am interested in and feel like I have enough experience to offer value to my readers. I may blog about web development and SEO as well if I get the itch (you try doing it for 20 years and you probably won’t want to talk about it either). I do have other interests of course, and I find that the various social media platforms I hang out on are the perfect place to share those interests.

But… I REALLY want to buy something from you or hire you!!!

Okay, okay! If you really want to know how to buy something or hire me, I do social media management for Steady Demand, so if you hire them and ask for me, I can manage your social media profiles. Finally, I do have several affiliate links that you are welcome to click and make a purchase … and put a few dollars in my pocket!

I have decided to leave the comments turned off on this blog for now at least, but I would love to connect with you on Twitter and welcome your feedback! Just comment on my last post or tweet me and I will add you back!